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YouTube Music Premium APK Download Latest Version [2019 Updated]


Recently youtube has launched music streaming service like Spotify, in which you can listen to many types of music, now who does not like music? Almost everyone likes to listen to the song no matter what the situation, they listen to their song according to the situation.

But youtube music is not free to use it, and you have to buy a subscription to youtube music, only then you can enjoy youtube music. And in this subscription, you will get many features like your youtube pay aids will not show, the background can also play video, and many more features have been given.

We know that everyone wants to use premium things, but no one wants to pay for premium things, they want to use everything for free, if you are also one of them, then you have come to the right page right now. A few days ago we shared the Spotify premium apk you can also download it.

Today we are going to share Youtube Music Premium APK with all of you here. After downloading this app, you can take advantage of Youtube Music Premium for free. Its installation is slightly different, so you should follow the install guide properly; otherwise, you will not be able to install this app.

What is YouTube Music Premium?

YouTube Music Premium APK

If you do have a smartphone and do have an internet connection, then you must be a YouTube addict. Most of the people do think that YouTube streams videos. And they don’t even know that YouTube works under Google. Well, now let’s talk about YouTube Music. YouTube Music is a relatively new music streaming service from Google that focuses on streaming of music videos all across the world.

If you login to YouTube Music with the same user ID, then it will offer personalised recommendations to users based on their mood, locations. It has a smart search feature, which allowed users to look for songs based on the lyrics, phrases, etc. But, in between the streaming of Music videos, it does streams ads.

That is why YouTube has come with YouTube Music premium feature. In the premium model, you can stream endless songs without any ads. Anyone can take YouTube Music premium for one month at the cost of rupees 99. They can also pay Rs 149 per month for the family pack.

In the family pack, the feature can be used by up to six family members. It does also allows users to download audio and video tracks. Also, any user can play the music in the background, which I think is one of the best features of YouTube Music Premium. And we know that we can not play any music on YouTube and put the phone in the pocket.

Youtube Music Premium APK Download 2019

If you want to take full advantage of Youtube Music Premium, then you have to download two apps if your phone is non-root. We have given the download link of both the apps. To download these apps, you can download them by clicking on the button below. If you have any problem in setting up this app, then we have shared that below.

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youtube music

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APP Details
App Name Youtube Premium APK
Version 3.23.52
Last Update 25 August 2018
Size 18-53 Mb
Downloads 10Million+
Category Music
Offers By Youtube LLC
Install Guide Click Here
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YouTube music premium Vs YouTube Music

YouTube launched YouTube Music in May 2018 in selected countries like the US, Mexico, South Korea, New Zealand and Australia. And almost after one year of global debate, it launched the YouTube music in India. After getting started in India, we got to know that it streams music videos, live concerts and cover songs.

The live show and cover song streaming service made it unique in the market of its kind. YouTube does come with YouTube Music Premium feature. YouTube Music is different from YouTube music premium as it streams ads in between the songs and cover songs.

YouTube Music premium does allow it’s users to download the music video and listen to it in offline mode. It will also enable users to listen to the songs in background mode, meaning you can listen to songs in the background as it is not possible on YouTube and YouTube music. The quality of audio does also gets higher.

YouTube music premium Features

Well, after seeing what YouTube music premium is and what is the difference between YouTube Music and YouTube Music Premium. Here we will see what the features of YouTube music premium one by one are.

Background play

Auto Play

YouTube does know that other music streaming companies do play music in background mode. And if they could not do any work on that, they will be nowhere in the market. So, they came with background play feature, but not in the YouTube music but YouTube Music premium. So, you can run the YouTube music in the background in the premium mode of it and put the phone in the pocket.

No ads

No Ads

As far as we know that the income of YouTube is by the streaming of ads. But if you could afford some money and pay for YouTube music premium, you can listen to them without any advertisement in between the songs. You can stream ad less music video by paying just rupees 99. From my concern, you should take the family pack of premium because it offers six members of your family to stream songs endlessly without any ads.

High-quality audios.


If you did remember how YouTube works, then you must be remembered that the video quality goes from 144p to the 1080p. Same happens with the audio quality. YouTube music gives a good quality of sound, but if you are a music enthusiast and do love to listen to songs in very high quality and with purity, then this is for you. YouTube music premium offers the highest quality of audio that makes you feel high above the sky.

Download the Songs

download Icon

If you are a music lover and do also loves to travel too. Then it might sometimes happen with you, that you play some stack online, but the signals do not go well with it. And everything seems to be not good. Well, like other music streaming companies YouTube music premium do also offers its users to download the song and play it in background mode. So, if you do have a YouTube music premium, then you can download any music video and do listen to them later and even in the background.

How To Install Youtube Music Premium APK [Non-Root]

Now you can use Youtube Music Premium APK by installing it only on the non-root phone. If your phone is rooted, you can not use it on a non-root phone. You will need another app with Youtube Music Premium APK. We have given the link above, which is how to install these apps and how to use them. Follow carefully

  • First of all, you have to download and install the microOG APK, after that, you download the youtube music premium

Youtube Music Premium APK

  • Now you can install both these apps and click on the download file to install them and tick the Unknown source in Settings, after that, you will be able to install both these apps.

Youtube Music Premium APK

  • After both apps are installed, you open MicroOG and add Youtube Music Premium to it.
  • Now you sign in it, after that you can easily take advantage of Youtube Music Premium for free.

FAQ – People Also Ask

Do you have any questions related to Youtube Music Premium APK? If yes, you can tell us in the comment box below, or we have answered some questions below, you can read them. If your question is not here, you can comment below and ask us.

Is YouTube Music for free?

Music streaming service provider like Spotify, apple music, galena and others provide free streaming of music to all the users. Like them, YouTube music also provide FREE service to its users. And like other music streaming company, YouTube music also flows ads in between the songs. And that is how it is free for us.

How much is YouTube music a month?

YouTube music premium offers us too much that we should take the premium subscription. You can take the YouTube music premium for rupees 99 a month. And another plan is for family, which costs rupees 149 per month. In the family subscription, you can share the account with six family members or friends of yours.

What’s better, Spotify or YouTube music?

Spotify premium costs were too much higher than YouTube music premium. And the features of both of them are almost the same. So, I would recommend you to go with YouTube music premium and enjoy listening to songs with five other friends of yours.

Does YouTube Premium include YouTube music?

From the name, it is already clear that YouTube premium does include YouTube music to stream. So, pay for rupees 149 per month and enjoy listening to your favourite songs with five other friends or family members.


In today’s post, we have shared youtube music premium apk with all of you. If you also watch Netflix, then you can also download Netflix mod apk from here. This method is best for all of you, and we will update this post soon for rooted phone users as long as you use it only on your non-root phone.

We hope you all liked this post today. If yes then share it among all your friends so that they can easily download youtube music premium app for free.


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